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Which are the top medical schools providing global health programs?

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Global health is one of the burning issues throughout the world. It is not possible for the doctors to keep a check only on the local communities because of the rising global health problems. The initiative of global health includes both medical and non-medical disciplines. To make the pursuing students aware of the global health issues, a number of medical schools have responded to the needs of adopting certain initiatives to address the concerns of global health. In this article, you will learn about different medical school with global health focus. These programs are offered at some of the top medical colleges to allow the MD aspirants to focus in doctoral degrees. This will allow the students to understand the local as well as the international health problems.

  • Medical School For International Health-

This is one of the top medical school with global health focus and allows the students to study the social, political, cultural and environmental impacts on health of the individuals.The program will be of 4 years and the candidates will learn not only on how to become a doctor but they will also gain a comprehensive knowledge on global health issues.

  • John Hopkins Center for Global Health

The students in this medical college are allowed to explore various opportunities like scholarships, grants, awards and experiential learning scopes to allow them to have an experience on diversified global health problems. The Global Health Field Research Award has provided grants to the students for allowing them to explore in 20 different countries on health.

  • Harvard Global Health Institute

This is a very famous and one of the best medical school with global health focus and programs. The students of this college work in collaboration with those hospitals who are working in the global health. The programs offered by this college are interdisciplinary in nature which includes the policy, design, law and business of this medical study.

  • San Francisco Institute for Global Health

This institute primarily focuses on the diseases in helpless inhabitants and certain initiative have been taken by this school to i)  eliminate malaria and tuberculosis, ii) to impart knowledge to the women and girls of Tanzania, Kenya and Zanzibar on AIDS and HIV, iii) and finally, to improve the birth conditions. The aspirants complete their 2 year course and take full-fledged part in these initiatives and research programs.

These are some of the top medical school with global health focus and they are improving their research activities and incorporating new initiatives to spread the concerns regarding global health problems.

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