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Student Housing: 5 Coolest Things Students Crave For

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Going to live in student accommodation can be a completely new experience. It is the first time for most of you where you have to live away from home for a significant period of time. It represents a completely new chapter in life for most students. You will have many ideas about what you want most in your student housing. Here is a list of the most common features that students want in their dorms.

1.        Central Location

You might be thinking who would care about the location. You will realize the value of location only once you settle in your student housing. The location of your student accommodation can impact your  university years in big ways. It has a major impact on your hostel experience and how much you enjoy it.

A central location will benefit you a lot. You will be able to easily access university and places of interest in the city. Shopping, concerts, and movies—everything will be in reach. Compare that to the thought of some far off secluded housing option and you’ll realize the importance of location.

2.        Closeness to Restaurants

Ask graduates about their hostel life and many will tell you about their culinary trips. Your university days are some of the best days to expand your palate and try out new food. Accommodation near many restaurants means you can try new delicacies every week. It will add variety and spice to your life while you’re at university. Bonding with friends over new and delicious food is an experience like no other.

3.        Clean Bathrooms

You might be thinking what business clean bathrooms have on a list of craved housing features. Trust us, they’re very —if not the most—important. Graduates will tell you, there is no bigger trial in the hostel experience than toilets. Clean toilets which are maintained and have modern amenities are a blessing. A bad experience in this regard can turn you off the prospects of living with a group forever.

4.        No Curfew

The university experience and hostel life is the time for students to discover themselves. Many of you will be on the edge between your teenage years and adulthood. That is the time to explore yourselves and find out who you are. The last thing that students want in student accommodation is a curfew. Students want no-curfew housing where they can set their own schedules and spend the night away with friends.

5.        Friendly Environment

When you think about it, the hostel life is alien to all you have known before. You have to go away and live away from your family. Many people can break when faced with that change. What can immensely help in finding friends amongst your fellow residents. That is one of the main joys of hostel life. The opportunity to make friends from across the country and globe is craved by students everywhere.

Ask university applicants about what they want most from a hostel and most will answer a friendly environment. Accommodation, where everyone is closed off, can sour the whole experience for you. If you find the people at your hostel not to your liking, you can pursue independent options. These independent services are offered at various locations such as Sydney student accommodation. You can experience living together with a much larger pool of people than one hostel.


These are some things that many students want from student housing. They represent their dreams and ambitions for the new and unknown. The opportunities to fly beyond the nest and make connections of their own are craved.

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