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How to do a research study

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Method of preparing the academic research

The academic research relies on fact-finding and knowledge to discover new relationships and information and interpret them using scientific methods with a scientific or historical method according to specific steps; to reach new knowledge, [1] and those who do the research need to go through the following stages: [2]

Choose the research topic and design its plan

This requires the existence of a specific problem, and this problem must be accurate and clear, be searchable, new, not consumable, solvable, and relevant to daily life, and enrich the knowledge structure of the field it represents, and that all its sources be available, then choose an appropriate title for the topic, as it is considered The plan is in response to the goals for which it was established, and it considers the interdependence in a logical form and takes into account the nature of research from an academic point of view.

Scientific material collection

Before collecting the information, the relevant sources should be read carefully and carefully, and the scientific material should be collected according to a specific plan, such as using special cards with the name of the source, the author, the publishing house, the date of publication, and the page number written.

Formulation of scientific material

The scientific article is written in an easy, clear and out of suggestion style, with a focus on basic ideas, adherence to grammar and integrity of expression, monitoring of evidence and evidence for each basic idea using tools to link the sentences and paragraphs with consideration of the logical sequence, such as starting with the year, then the special, then the most special, and views are criticized to highlight the researcher’s personality with all Clarity in writing.

Separation of topics

The separation of topics with internal titles expressing the content that will follow after it is interconnected and documenting information using documentation methods. Margins and footnotes may be used to indicate references information contained in the body of the research.

Final review of the research

This is to get rid of stuffing and repetition and check the research to make sure of spelling and grammatical errors, and typing errors, and prepare indexes related to figures and tables if any, then output it in its final form.

Writing the introduction

The introduction is written in a scientific manner sober that the importance of the research includes its purpose and a summary of its content and the means that were used in preparing it, provided that the percentage does not exceed ten percent of the volume of research.

Conclusion writing

It is placed at the end of the research, including the most important results and recommendations reached by the researcher.

General advice in writing the academic research

The following tips and guidelines should be followed in writing the study: [3]

Reading the necessary information carefully and carefully, respecting the opinions of others and not being fanatic about it and standing before it is biased.

Support the facts found with convincing evidence and evidence and do not rush to pass judgment.

Conveying the opinions of others in a neutral and scientific manner, and before starting the academic research, the purpose of its conduct and the expected value from it are known, and what is the effect of the knowledge that the research adds to the field in which it was worked.

Divide the research according to its nature and size into chapters, chapters, or topics to facilitate the reader’s understanding of it, that the writer be objective and his phrases be subjective, not to use personal pronouns, distance from literal transmission and quotations, and impartiality of a particular idea.

Use modern sources of information, link the sentences together, and adhere to the documentation rules for sources and references.

Use correct, error-free language and use punctuation between sentences and letters.

The belief that academic research plays a major role in adding new knowledge that serves others.


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