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How to Categorise Engineering Institutions?

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After finishing class 12th examinations, getting into a good engineering university in India is a big decision, both for you and for your family. But Indian parents are usually worrisome people when it is the question of their child’s turn to get into the best engineering university in India. These parents are also an industrious species who will leave no stone unturned in their quest.

But unknowingly, they make a lot of mistakes which leads to statistics like 60% employees showing dissatisfaction in their jobs and mostly want to switch their career. Parents tend to get easily influenced by the market trends and make short sighted decisions as they see their kids as an extension of themselves thus burdening the kids with unrealistic expectations. But the following list of things to do will get you out of the conundrum of who to follow, your parents or your own mind.

  1. Choose the engineering stream: You should first make up your mind about which stream in the so called best engineering university in India should you follow. Pick a stream that motivates you after speaking with your parents and peers and researching about various other streams of study. It is best to figure out at least three streams that you may want to pursue.

  1. Categorise the universities: Now choose three top notch colleges, three middle level ones and three that you think are okay in terms of studies and you will not be regretting to attend. The first category is usually the dream engineering university in India, the other two categories are kept if for some reason you are unable to get admission into this best engineering university in India. Take into account things like affordability, look and feel of the university, distance from home, scholarships, government run or private, location – urban or rural, resources at the campus like labs, computer access, libraries, placement options and internships, class size, social life, general aura of the university, reputation in the market, qualifications of the faculty and their research papers, student-teacher ratio, hotel facility and what type, etc. Rank them all on a simple scale of 10 against all of these criteria with an open and unbiased mind. This final score that you have given to the universities in the three levels should be treated as a good indicator of your hopes and dreams.

  1. Check eligibility for financial aid: Even if your parent has already set aside a decent amount of money for your college degree and further studies, they will still appreciate it if you could instead land a scholarship. These financial aids can make some of the more expensive but good colleges that you had stricken off the list earlier affordable. But beware of star ratings as the institution might have an excellent electronics engineering department but not for civil engineering which is your favoured choice. Just choosing this university on the basis of cost will again put you at par with that 60% junta who listlessly run their life.

  1. Study hard and score well: All your efforts go to waste even after all this research about the universities, if your marks are not good. So study hard and get the necessary marks to easily get through the entrance tests and any others on a merit basis thus saving a bit more of money.

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