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Difference between University and JAMB Admission Status in Nigeria?

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Why are people who are not familiar with the Nigerian education system confused when it comes to checking university admission and JAMB admission status in Nigeria? This is a question I have been asked a number of times and my answer always is that, even Nigerians who don’t have in-depth knowledge of the sector have the same challenge too.

JAMB admission status

If you don’t know what JAMB is, I will give you a quick overview. JAMB stands for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. It is the agency of the Nigerian government saddled with the responsibility of conducting entrance examinations into Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges in Nigeria. The entrance exam is called the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). This is the exam that qualified candidates for admission consideration.

Now back to the topic of discussion – the differences between school admission and JAMB admission status and why we have both of them in one system.

Why do we have two admission statuses?

Well, this should be very obvious but apparently, not many people know about this. One of the main reasons for having these two different admission statuses is that three choices to make when you are applying for UTME. I will explain that.

When you are applying for the JAMB UTME, you can make three choices of institutions, i.e. first choice, second choice and third choice. These can be a combination of different universities, colleges and polytechnics. When you get admission offer(s) from any or all of these institutions of learning, you get admission offer from the school; hence the school admission status.

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Since you can get admission offer from the different institutions you choose, you have to regularise your admission with JAMB by accepting only the admission offer from the school you most prefer on JAMB portal; hence the JAMB admission status. Your admission letter that is issued by JAMB will be reflect the school you choose.

This is just one of the number of reasons why you have to check school admission status and JAMB admission status separately. It also worth stating that any one status can come before the other. For some schools, the school admission status can be checked on the the school portal before it is accessible on JAMB admission status-checking portal. For other schools, it is the other way round.

In conclusion, the school admission status and JAMB admission status are not one and the same. They are very different and serve different purposes.

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